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Spiritual Care

Spirituality is that part in each of us that seeks to find meaning and purpose in our lives. Spiritual Care connects us with the things that matter deeply to us, which strengthens us, helps us cope, and gives us hope.

While in hospital, patients and family may face uncertainty, life-changing decisions, loss or a range of unexpected emotions. Spiritual Care supports people during difficult times like these or simply when a person needs someone to listen or be present. We journey with people during these times to provide care and connect them with their personal sense of faith and spirituality.

Three words sum up spiritual care: Strength...Meaning...Comfort.

Our Team

The Manager of Spiritual Care oversees the spiritual care program and there is a Spiritual Care Professional connected to each of the Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) hospital locations.

How to Reach Us

To reach the Spiritual Care Professional at your hospital, ask your nurse to contact the Day Chaplain. For emergencies, dial 0 and ask switchboard to page the On-Call Chaplain (provided by community faith leaders). The main Spiritual Care office is located at the Owen Sound hospital, on the main floor and across from Registration. For non-emergencies, call our office at 519-376-2121 ext. 2889 or e-mail:

Services for Patients/Family Members

  • One to one visits and/or family support
  • Prayer, meditation, rituals or reflection
  • Information, spiritual literature, Bibles and/or Sacred Text
  • Worship services on the Rehabilitation Unit and the Psycho-Geriatric Unit
  • In-Patient Psychiatry Support Groups

Services for Staff and Community

  • Supervised Pastoral Education (program approved by Canadian Association for Spiritual Care)
  • Courses for Lay Spiritual Caregivers and Volunteer Chaplains
  • In-services for staff and community on topics where spiritual care and healthcare intersect
  • Consultation for ethical concerns staff support and debriefing for experiences in the hospital
  • Memorial services

Multi-Faith Chapel

If you are looking for a quiet space for prayer, meditation, or just to collect your thoughts, the Multi-Faith Chapel is always open and is located on the main floor of the Owen Sound hospital across from Registration.

We Appreciate Your Help

Spiritual Care at GBHS is part of a larger program that partners with the Grey Bruce Healthcare Chaplaincy Council (GBHCC) which helps to oversee the spiritual care offered in all the hospitals across Grey and Bruce counties and Collingwood.

Our Spiritual Care program is jointly funded through partnerships with GBHCC and healthcare corporations like GBHS, as well as community funding from a variety of sources including individual donors, faith groups, foundations and grants.

If you would like to support the Spiritual Care program in our hospitals, please consider calling our Spiritual Care office at 519-376-2121 ext. 2889 and making a donation. 

Grey Bruce Health Care Chaplaincy Council Annual Report - 2016-17

GBHCC Newsletter - Febraury 2017

Spiritual Care

Pictured above is the Owen Sound, GBHS Spiritual Care Team.

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