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Surgical Services consists of a multi-disciplinary team of health care providers who are committed to providing safe, competent surgical care. The work of the team starts with your visit to the surgeon’s office and continues as you recover in hospital and at home.

Day Surgery

Post-operative patients remain in day surgery 30 minutes to 6 hours post-operatively depending on the type of surgery. Post-operative instructions and follow-up appointments if needed are given to each patient. Patients who have more involved surgery are telephoned the next day at home to identify any problems they may be having.

In-patient Surgery

Whether your surgery was a planned surgery or an emergency surgery, the multi-disciplinary team strives to assist you and your family in making your surgical experience a success.
The team consists of surgeons, internists, anaesthetists, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, environmental services, discharge planning and Community Care Access, Clinical Nutrition, Food Services and Ward Clerks.
Patient/family education and a variety of pain management strategies are just two of the tools used to help make your stay with us comfortable. Your length of stay will vary depending on the type of surgery. We have private, semi-private and ward rooms for in-patient recovery.  Our team will help you through your most acute stage and assist you in preparing to go home to continue your recovery. Discharge time is no later than 11:00 a.m. Please arrange for family/friend to pick you up by 11:00 a.m.

When you are booked for surgery, the process leading up to and after your surgery will likely include:
Pre-Admission Clinic - where you are seen and assessed prior to your surgery date. Before coming to your appointment, please complete the Pre-Surgical Screening Questionnaire and bring it with you on the day of your pre-surgical appointment or surgery.
Anaesthetic Care - both pre-operation assessment and post-operation care.
Day Surgery - where you are prepared for your pending surgery.
Surgical Waiting Area - kind and caring volunteers comfort families waiting on loved ones.
Operating Room - where skilled practitioners perform surgery.
Post Anaesthetic Care Unit - compassionate nurses help you wake up safely and comfortably from your surgery.
Surgical Care - as an inpatient you will complete your recovery with the help of a multidisciplinary team.
Ambulatory Care - provides an opportunity for follow-up care on an outpatient basis.

Hip and Knee Replacements

Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) has a team of excellent orthopedic surgeons. Hip surgery is offered at the Owen Sound hospital. A referral to an orthopedic surgeon is required by your family physician.

Patients who are prepared for surgery and who take part in their care can recover in less time, with less pain.

The GBHS Hip Replacement Booklet and the GBHS Knee Replacement Booklet provide general information about the surgeries. These booklets serve as a helpful reference guide for patients before, during and after surgery.

Patients are encouraged to bring a copy of the appropriate booklet with them when they arrive for surgery.

Patient Education

Epidural for Pain Control After Surgery

Epidural for Pain Control During Labour

Regional Anesthesia for Pain Control After Surgery

Spinal Anesthesia and Pain Control After Surgery

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